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Chiropractic First is Moving!!

Starting November 1st, we will be at
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(located at the corner of 36th Ave and 45th Street South)

Chiropractic care has been an established practice for well over 100 years. The approach is simple: The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself when it is functioning optimally. On occasion, due to an injury or even daily routines, the body is unable to heal adequately due to interference. This interference may be as simple as a vertebral subluxation. A vertebral subluxation occurs when a vertebrae (bone of the spine) misaligns and places stress or pressure on the nerve roots exiting the spinal cord. Pressure or stress on a nerve root not only causes pain at the site of the subluxation, but also in the surrounding tissue. Nerve pressure also interferes with transmission of nerve impulses which can be detrimental to our overall physiological functions. To put it simply, nerves carry messages to every single muscles, joint, and organ in the body. If a nerve root is being compressed by a misaligned vertebrae (subluxation), the corresponding muscle, organ or any other cell type will not receive an adequate nerve impulse and will therefore not function at 100% capacity.

Chiropractors look for these subluxations and adjust the spine to remove the interference, thus restoring proper function to the body.


Dr. Jane Petermeier attended Moorhead State Univeristy before pursuing her chiropractic degree at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington MN. Following her 1996 graduation, she practiced as an associate doctor in several clinics across the United States. In 2000, she moved to Fargo, was married that autumn and began practicing in her current location.

Dr. Jane's emphasis is in providing gentle, yet effective care to her patients. She understands that although her patients may be diagnosed with the same condition, they respond very differently to treatments. For this reason, she will tailor a specific treatment plan for your unique medical and physical condition.

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Infant Care

Often, one of the first traumas experienced is at birth. As the baby travels through the birth canal it can be a very trying experience, especially if there is any medical intervention. (tugging, pulling, forceps, vacuum extraction, C-section delivery) The trauma a baby's spine encounters during this process can cause subluxation and symptoms of an unhappy baby. Many times these subluxations remain unnoticed by physicians and parents until other symptoms appear. Some of the symptoms that may become apparent include:

Sleep disorders
Poor development
Symptoms of lowered immunity

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At Chiropractic First, we understand that the best way to treat an injury is to prevent it. Since chiropractic care simultaneously deals with many systems in the human body it is important to maintain a healthy chemical balance. Good nutrition plays a vital role in this balance, and we can educate you in a proper diet for your body. For those that are unable to sustain this balance through diet alone, we offer nutritional supplements to bring your system up to its peak performance.

Our Nutritional Services Include:
Nutritional counseling
Pharmaceutical grade supplements
Diet planning
Detoxification supplements

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Considering chiropractic care as your first option will give your body the best chance to heal what ails it. The body's own doctor knows what is best, and it is this doctor that should be consulted first. Chiropractic care opens up the lines of communication to this innate doctor, it is therefore, the best first step you can take in the healing process.

People often come to see us for help with the following:
Neck pain
Low back pain
Bulging discs
Whiplash injuries
Sports injuries
Pinched nerves
Carpal tunnel syndrome
TMJ syndrome
Pregnancy discomfort
Infantile disorders

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