Infant Care and Chiropractic

One of the most common questions parents ask me is “Do you adjust children and babies?”

My answer is “Yes!”  (the youngest baby I’ve adjusted was a mere 4 hours old!)

Often, one of the first traumas experienced is at birth.  As the baby travels through the birth canal it can be a very trying experience, especially if there is any medical intervention. (tugging, pulling, forceps, vacuum extraction, C-section delivery)  The trauma a baby’s spine encounters during this process can cause subluxation and symptoms of an unhappy baby.  Many times these subluxations remain unnoticed by physicians and parents until other symptoms appear.  Some of the symptoms that may become apparent include:


Sleep disorders

Poor development

Symptoms of lowered immunity

The chiropractic adjustment that most people think of involves twisting and popping.  This is not the same adjustment used with newborns and infants.  In fact,the amount of pressure used is similar to the amount of pressure one can tolerate when pressing on a closed eyelid.

Dr. Jane feels that every system in the body is checked when a baby is born, except the most important one, the one that protects the nervous system!  A chiropractor can evaluate the spine of an infant or newborn and deliver an appropriate adjustment to correct the subluxations.

To set up an appointment for your newborn or infant, please call us at 701-298-7778

“Thank you Dr. Jane for making me feel so much better. Now, I only cry when I am hungry. My Mommy and Daddy are so glad to have a happy baby, they have a lot of fun with me. You were so nice and gentle while you were adjusting me, and made my Mommy feel really comfortable. Thanks for taking great care of me!”

(written from the perspective of a previously colicky 8 week old infant)